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Mining Intrinsic Safety Digital Camera’s performance and use

2019-11-07 分享
Mining Intrinsic Safety Digital Camera’s performance and use

        This camera is applicable for coal mining accident investigating and evidence Photograph and video production situation, electromechanical running status, roof and floor supporting situation and geological characteristics. It can provide high resolution digital pictures.
Camera performance:
1. Portable. It adopts integration design and complies with ergonomic principles. Total weight is around 1000g.
2. Built-in flashlight can take photos in dark environment.
3. Camera body protection: Water-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof design. IP68 degree makes camera can be used in severe environment.

Product advantage:
1. WIFI, 2.4 megapixels, 128G storage.
2. Pictures can be printed directly.
3. High definition, portable.
4. Sporty burst, capture moment.

Convenient operation:
1. Automatic focalizing system. It can capture scenery accurately.
2. Simple and fast set-up function.
3. Effective picture management.
4. Shutter unit is good at capturing right moment.
5. Ninety five percent optical viewfinder.