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Why do you choose this type of instrument for mining?

2019-04-26 分享
The essence safety is the pursuit of the safety, reliability, harmony and unity of all elements in the enterprise's production process, so that all kinds of harmful factors are always under control, and then gradually approach the essential and permanent safety goals.

The basic and essential safety type electrical equipment is characterized by the fact that all its circuits are essential safety circuits, that is, circuits that can not ignite the specified explosive mixture under normal operation or specified failure conditions. That is to say, this type of electrical appliance does not rely on shell explosion and filling explosion, but the energy of the spark or heat effect generated by its circuit in normal use or failure is less than 0.28 mJ, that is, the gas concentration is 8.5 %(the most explosive concentration) The minimum ignition energy.

For instrument detection and control circuits, limiting energy means first limiting voltage and current. And because capacitors and inductors can store and release electrical energy, capacitors and inductors must also be limited.

Founded in 2001, the Institute of Mine-One Science and Technology is a pilot unit for the transformation of achievements of China University of Mining and Technology, a school-enterprise co-construction unit, and a high-tech enterprise. Over the years, it has devoted itself to the research and development, production and sales of mining instruments, coal mining equipment, safety supervision equipment, energy-saving monitoring equipment, and explosion-proof tools, and has served the government safety supervision departments, school teaching experiments, and mineral resources exploitation.