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How much is the mine noise measuring instrument How to choose a brand

2019-04-26 分享
Professional noise measuring instruments are used in various scenes and play a great role in detecting noise pollution and preventing noise. It has the characteristics of wide range of measurement, easy to carry and use, and flexible setting. It is an essential safety noise detection instrument for underground noise detection and flammable and explosive sites in coal mines. It is also suitable for noise monitoring in industrial environment.

In order to prevent mine noise pollution in coal mines, in addition to arranging staff to work in shifts to reduce noise contact time, each coal mine area needs to be equipped with a professional mineral instrument "noise measuring instrument to detect noise, and according to the measurement indicators. To determine, Whether to use blocking noise sources to reduce noise pollution control or to inform employees in advance, and then equipped with earplugs and earmuffs to block noise pollution.

The mine should attach great importance to the threat of noise to the operators and to the safety of production. It should actively use noise instruments for noise monitoring, and take appropriate measures to reduce noise according to the environment on the site. Therefore, it is particularly important to select a good mine noise measuring instrument. A good instrument has a profound impact on the entire work production.

The mine noise measuring instruments on the market are diversified. When customers select and measure, they must make choices through parameters. The price of this instrument is also varied on the market, ranging from thousands to thousands. It is recommended that we make more reference before making choices. Xuzhou Mining and Technology is a school-enterprise construction unit of China Mining University. It has a certain reputation in the research and development and production of mining instruments. Mine-noise detection instruments have also been well received in the industry. For the parameters of the instrument, please click: YSD130(A) Noise Detector / Sound Level meter for coal mines.