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How to select and use a hygrometer

2019-04-26 分享
Thermohygrometers are instruments used to measure the temperature and humidity of the environment. They are widely used in areas such as mines, industrial parks, chemical industries, and fire protection, as well as in security enforcement, occupational health inspection, and environmental inspection of working conditions. It can detect air temperature and air humidity at the same time. The ambient temperature and humidity are closely related to our lives and production, so measuring humidity and changing humidity are the key points in our lives.

There are as many as two or thirty kinds of humidity measurement from the principle. However, humidity measurement has always been one of the famous problems in the field of measurement in the world. A seemingly simple quantitative value, deep research, involves quite complex physical-chemical theoretical analysis and calculation. The initial involved may ignore many factors that need to be taken care of in humidity measurement, thus affecting the reasonable use of the sensor.

There are two kinds of modern humidity measurement schemes: the wet measurement method of dry and wet ball and the wet measurement method of electronic humidity sensor. Customers choose their own humidity measurement method based on the scene they use. As with the measurement of weight and temperature, the selection of humidity sensors must first determine the measurement range. In addition to meteorological and scientific research departments, temperature and humidity measurement and control generally do not require full humidity(0-100 % RH) measurement.

In practical use, because the humidity sensor uses semiconductor technology, there is a requirement for the ambient temperature used, and the influence of dust, oil and harmful gases beyond its prescribed operating temperature will cause damage to the sensor. The long use time will produce aging, the accuracy will decrease, and the annual drift of humidity sensors is generally about ± 2 %, or higher. Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer will indicate that the effective use time for a calibration is 1 year or 2 years, and it needs to be re-calibrated after expiration. The accuracy level of electronic humidity sensor should be combined with its long-term stability to judge. Generally speaking, the long-term stability and service life of electronic humidity sensor is not as good as that of dry and wet bulb humidity sensor.

From this point of view, it is crucial to do a good job of monitoring the temperature and humidity, and choose a suitable hygrometer, so that we can benefit from it and make life more secure. You can check out more of the hygrometer products on mineral tech's website. As the leading enterprise of mining equipment, we will serve the safety field of coal mine better with the aim of "quality first, user first, win-win cooperation".