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How to select laser flowmeter instrument for coal mine?

2019-04-26 分享
With the development of industrial production, the accuracy and range of flow measurement in industry applications are becoming more and more demanding. In order to solve the flow measurement of various measured media under different conditions, various types of laser flowmeters have come out one after another. Let's see below from which aspects of the selection of mine flow meter to compare.

In this paper, the portable ultrasonic flowmeter and CSL1 hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter used in YHL6 mine are compared and analyzed.

What is an ultrasonic flowmeter first? Its working principle is composed of ultrasonic transducer, electronic circuit and flow display and accumulation system. It uses the information of the fluid velocity carried by ultrasonic waves in the liquid to measure the flow rate. First, the ultrasonic transmitter converts electrical energy into ultrasonic energy and emits it into the measured fluid. Second, the ultrasonic signal received by the receiver is amplified by the electronic circuit and converted into an electrical signal representing the flow. Finally, After the operation, the supply display and the accumulation circuit are displayed and calculated, and the flow detection and numerical display are realized.

Secondly, it evaluates the corresponding instruments by several parameters such as performance requirements, accuracy level(accuracy), repeatability, upper flow rate and flow range. The Chinese and foreign clip-type non-contact ultrasonic flowmeter has the most functions and can be powered by batteries in portable field applications. It can be used in wide beam echo detection or in Doppler mode for a variety of fluids, including fluids containing a large number of bubbles and suspended particles.

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