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Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Arrangement 2019

2019-06-06 分享

        According to the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Some Holiday Arrangements in 2019", the holiday arrangements for the Dragon Boat Festival in 2019 are as follows:
        Vacation time
        From June 7, 2019(Friday) to June 9, 2019(Sunday), a total of 3 days;
        June 10(Monday) normal work.
        Points for attention
        (1) All departments need to properly arrange their work, seriously organize production, do a good job of safety and security, fire prevention and theft, etc.. If there are any major urgent matters, they must timely report and make relevant records.
        (2) During the holiday period, it is necessary to pay attention to personal safety and return to work on time. If you can not return on time in the event of special circumstances, the employee must take leave from the superior leader in a timely manner and report to the Human Resources Department.
        (3) On the holiday date, the person in charge of each department shall maintain smooth communication, and the staff shall pay attention to personal safety when travelling.
        Finally, I wish everyone a happy Dragon Boat Festival in advance!
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