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CDD11W Mine Electromechanical Equipment Wireless Multi-Parameter Tester

MA:MFA170068 专利:ZL 2012 2 0543820.1 CDD11W矿用机电设备无线多参数测试仪是用于矿用机电设备检测的综合性仪器,可对矿山在用提升机、通风机、水泵、空压机、架空乘人装置、斜井人车、

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MA: MFA170068   Patent No. ZL 2012 2 0543820.1

    CDD11w is a kind of comprehensive mine electromechanical equipment inspection instrument. It can be used for the inspection of hoist, fan, water pump, air compressor, aerial passenger device, slope car, belt conveyer, parachute, trackless rubbertired truck, electrical parameter, bolt and roadway section(optional). It’s high integration. Matching sensor has independent wireless structure and it’s connected to the host to exchange data. Product is reliable by using industrial grade wireless communication module.