College users

Item Customers Item Customers
1 Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology 6 NEU(Northeastern University)
2 Henan College of Industry&Information Technology 7 Guizhou Vocational College of Technologies Engineering
3 Yunnan Vocational Institute of Energy Technology 8 Fujian Chuanzheng Communications College
4 Lanzhou Resources&Environment Voc-Tech College 9 Xiangtan University
5 Xi'an University of Science and Technology 10 Northwestern Polytechnical University
11 Central South University    

Safety production and technology support system users

Item Customers Item Customers
1 Safety technology center of Ningxia Administration of Coal Mine Safety 36 Gansu Energy Saving Supervision Center
2 Safety technology center of Yunnan Administration of Coal Mine Safety 37 Detecting Center of Jing Coal Mine Group
3 Yunnan Safety Production Evaluation and Testing Center 38 Gansu Baiyin Xing 'an Mineral Products Detection Co.,Ltd
4 Safety technology center of Gansu Administration of Coal Mine Safety 39 Safety Technology Center of Shanxi Coal Mine Safety Supervision
5 Anhui Coal Mine Security Product Testing Center 40 Comprehensive Test Center of Shanxi Coal Industry
6 Safety technology center of Shanxi Administration of Coal Mine Safety 41 Hebei Coal Mine Safety Products Inspection Center

Safety science and technology center of Hebei Administration of Coal Mine Safety

42 Jincheng Occupational Safety Monitoring and Inspection Center
8 Safety technology center of Hennan Administration of Coal Mine Safety 43 Liaoning Anda Coal Mine Safety Product Inspection Co.,Ltd
9 Jiangxi Coal Mine Fixed Equipment Safety Testing Station Co.,Ltd 44 Shanxi Institute of Coal Geology
10 Shanxi Administration of Safety Production 45 Shanxi Chengyuan Mine Safety Technology Service Co.,Ltd
11 Yunnan Administration of Safety Production 46 Shanxi Jincheng Occupational Safety and Technical Service Co.,Ltd
12 Hubei Ezhou Special Equipment Detection Institute 47 nstitute of Coal Science of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
13 Liaoning Academy of Safety Science 48 Tiefa Coal Industry (Group) Safety Inspection Co.,Ltd
14 Liaoning Non-Ferrous Geological Exploration and Research Institute 49 Fuxin Xinda Safety Engineering Co.,Ltd
15 Safety Technology Center of Jilin Administration of Coal Mine Safety 50 Fuxin Hengtian Mine Equipment Safety Inspection Co.,Ltd
16 Jilin Safety Technology Evaluation and Testing Center 51 Fuxin Energy Saving Center of Mining Bureau
17 Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Tong'An Mine Testing Center 52 Xingtai Jin 'an Coal Mine Safety Product Inspection Co.,Ltd
18 Hubei Huangshi Mine Safety and Health Testing Center 53 Xingtai Jinniu Mining Safety Assessment and Testing Technology Co.,Ltd
19 Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Coal Safety Product Testing Center 54 Mining Safety Equipment Detecting Center of Jilin Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau
20 Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Safety Product Detection Co.,Ltd 55 Hebei Jina Mining Safety Inspection Co.,Ltd
21 Xingtai Jin'An Coal Mine Safety Product Detection Co., Ltd 56 Handan Jingyi Mining Safety Inspection Co.,Ltd
22 Zhejiang Administration of Safety Production 57 Hebei Institute of Coal Geology
23 Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (Gzar) Administration of Safety Production 58 Chengde Yingshouyingzi Mine Safety Inspection Co.,Ltd
24 Heilongjiang Administration of Safety Production 59 Jizhong Energy Zhangkuang Group Inspection Co.,Ltd
25 Wuhan Worldway Firefighting Safety Detection Co.,Ltd 60 Tangshan Jidong Mining Safety Inspection Co.,Ltd
26 Hubei Huangshi Mine Safety and Health Testing Center 61 Fushun Mining Group Coal Mine Safety Equipment Detection Co.,Ltd
27 Shenyang Coal Mine(Group) Safety Equipment Detection Co.,Ltd 62 Beipiaobei Coal Mine Safety Inspection Co.,Ltd
28 Changzhi Safety Equipment Monitoring Center 63 Shenyang Test and Research Center of Northeast Coalfield Geological Bureau
29 Taiyuan Safety Production Technology Counseling Center 64 Huludao Anda Mine Safety Equipment Detection Co.,Ltd
30 Datong Safety Production Monitoring Technology Center 65 Inner Mongolia Anke Safety Production Inspection Co.,Ltd
31 Qinghai Safety Production Science and Technology Center 66 Chifeng Mine Safety Inspection Co.,Ltd
32 Hubei Safety Science and Technology Research Center 67 Inner Mongolia Inspection Station of Electrical Appliances and Firefighting Safety
33 Jiangxi Xinde Safety Detection Co.,Ltd 68 Chifeng Anke Safety Production Inspection Co.,Ltd
34 Fujian Institute of Coal Industry Science 69 Guangdong Quality Inspection Station of Labor Protection Products
35 Lanzhou Jintai Mining Safety Products Inspection Co.,Ltd 70 Zhejiang Testing and Inspection Center of Safety Production Technology